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We Are Clearly The Best!

Like we said before, Cleaning Superheroes is a full-service cleaning company including windows! Most people don’t realize that a lot of cleaning companies don’t actually include window cleaning in their services. For instance, in our standard cleaning procedures we include dusting the windowsills & ledges, and in our deep cleaning services we damp wipe the windowsills. Luckily though, we offer window cleaning services as an add on that way you only have to worry about scheduling one cleaning company! For residential and commercial properties we take care of the interior of your windows whenever you request!

Defeating The Nemesis!

We understand that a lot of people don’t need their windows cleaned consistently, which is why we offer this cleaning service as an addon. But for those with little sidekicks, human or pup, your windows could become victims to sticky hands and wet noses pretty often. Our cleaning superheroes can fight your windows arch nemesis as often as you need! Whether it’s during your weekly cleanings or just for a spring deep cleaning service, we will fight! For your office windows, dust quickly gathers around your windows. Have our window cleaning professionals take care of this issue whenever you notice this is becoming an issue.

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Our window cleaning crews are highly trained on how to properly clean the interior of your windows, even if they have a special tint film on them. The cleaning products we use are safe, so when the sidekicks run back up to the window to see the birds outside, you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals. Having clean windows can not only make your space look better, but it can also make it feel better! When you are able to have a clear view to the outdoors, it can bring in natural light and help boost your mood! Go ahead, look out your windows right now. I bet you can see dirt, smudges, and other elements just collecting on your windows and obstructing your view. Maintaining the cleanliness of your windows is one of the most overlooked tasks during your cleaning regimen. Doesn’t it feel like a good cleaning takes forever, and now you need to add another task to your list? Don’t worry about it! Send Cleaning Superheroes a signal and start your window cleaning service with a quote.