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  • An all purpose local cleaning company specializing in green initiatives in the area
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Office Cleaning Plan of Action

Here at Cleaning Superheroes, we provide professional cleaning services for small to large offices. These services can be regular scheduled cleanings and sanitations, or just one time deep cleans, whatever your office cleaning needs may be. Since each office differs, we do offer customized cleaning plans for each individual office. We can use our safe and eco-friendly cleaning products or use specific products that you have on hand for company standards. Once you signal our superheroes, they will consult with you to determine the best course of action for fighting your office grime.

Office Bathrooms & Office Kitchens

At home thinking about cleaning your bathroom and kitchen is common, but not so much when it comes to the office. If you do think about it at the office, I’m sure the thought of cleaning up after others is not a great one. Let our cleaning professionals fly in and take care of this! For the kitchen we will wipe down all visible outside surfaces, clean the stove if there is one, dust all surfaces, wipe down the microwave and other appliances, and even do the dishes if need be. In the bathrooms, we thoroughly clean and disinfected the toilets inside and out. We will also sanitize all surfaces including countertops, sinks, and showers if there are any. Once the upper surfaces are clean in the bathrooms and kitchens, we will sweep and mop all floor surfaces. It will be so squeaky clean you can walk barefoot on it and not worry about germs.

Office Bathroom Cleaning Service
Hire Office Cleaning Company

Why Hire An Office Cleaning Company?

We are business owners, so we get it. Saving money can be a big deal. That is why we offer affordable office cleaning plans for Charlotte NC & the surrounding areas. Regular office cleanings are based on our client’s needs. Nightly, bi-weekly, weekly, or whatever your schedule may be our superheroes are ready to fly in and save the day. By hiring an office cleaning company, you are also saving money from employee time. You pay your employees to do specific jobs, so why take them away from those jobs and make them clean. Pay your employees for their job, and pay Cleaning Superheroes for their job. You will be providing your employees a grime-free work environment. This will help with making your employees feel more comfortable at work, which will then lead to better productivity!