The bathroom is commonly the most used room in the house, and because of this, it’s also the hardest room in your house to clean and keep clean. By incorporating a few of these time-saving tips into your normal cleaning routine, you could cut your cleaning time in half and save on the cost of cleaning products.

When cleaning the bathroom, always start with the mirrors and shower doors. By cleaning from top to bottom you will certainly save time and cut down on the number of steps required.

To clean the mirrors and shower doors, you do not need to purchase a costly chemical bathroom cleaner. The best cleaner and also one that doesn’t leave streaks, is a straightforward mix of water, white vinegar (1/3 cup) and alcohol (1/4 cup). Simply add these ingredients to a spray bottle and shake to mix. Spray this on glass surfaces and wipe with a paper towel or lint-free cloth.

To remove crud and soap residue from the bathtub and shower stall you can use this simple 2-step process: Scrub the area with a white bristled brush to loosen gunk as well as score the location so that a cleaner can penetrate it a lot more easily. Next, spray it with an orange-based commercial cleaning product. Let it set for half an hour to allow the gunk/soap residue to wash straight off.

After cleaning up the bathtub and shower stall, layer the surface areas with automobile wax. If you do this two times a year it will help to keep away dirt as well as cut your cleaning time in half.

Another fun time-saving shower-stall cleaning tip is to rinse it well with water after each use. This will certainly keep dust and grime from accumulating and make weekly cleaning go much faster.

After you have cleaned the bathtub and/or shower stall, it is time to clean the toilet and wipe the counters, faucets and sinks. White vinegar is a low-cost, effective solution for these purposes. Just apply it with a cloth and let it set for a couple of minutes. Rinse and wipe down the surfaces thoroughly before drying them with a clean towel. Don’t worry – the vinegar smell should go away quickly!

Other bathroom cleaning ideas include making use of a bath rug outside the shower to absorb excess water and dust, cleaning your plastic shower curtain by tossing it into the washing machine with your dirty towels, and using toothpaste and a scrub brush to detail your metal sink faucets.

What are some of your favorite bathroom cleaning tips? Share your time-saving advice with us in the comments below.

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